Who We Are

We believe that innovation doesn’t have to be complicated and with the right guidance that any organization can reap the potential rewards of innovation. We’re here to help You to take the first Bold step in pursuing Your innovation future and do great things.



Paul Miklautsch


Paul is a designer, speaker, and researcher who has extensive experience in the medical and industrial fields. His understanding of how business objectives integrates with product development gives him a unique perspective on how to pursue and communicate on innovation activities.


Micah Zender


Micah is a designer, educator, and researcher who has helped companies across multiple industries uncover radical solutions that have led to growth. His view of design as both a discipline and a process allows him to apply a unique lens to each problem in order to craft uniquely new solutions.

Aaron Swick

Medical Director

Aaron is a biomedical engineer, researcher, and tinkerer who has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to design, develop, and engineer medical solutions. His ability to translate complex interactions into simplified form allows him to communicate actionable needs that help organizations realize success.


We started this business because we’re passionate about people. Inside organizations, we uncover layers of talented people who are rockstars waiting for the right stage to show off their skills. Inside hospitals, kitchens, manufacturing facilities and living rooms, we meet amazing people who are always looking for ways to work and live better. Our methodology allows you to form deep connections between your organizations’ rockstars and the awesome people that they support.

If you’re ready to Start Something Bold, contact us for a quick call so we can discuss your unique challenges and opportunities.

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