How We Think

We tell stories about the future. These stories are crafted from research interviews, observations, gathered and supplied evidence, as well as competitive analysis. Our strength is in our ability to create a clear and compelling narrative about what it is like to be a customer today, and what could be done to shape the world of tomorrow.


Our view on innovation is simple. Go out and talk with customers and learn about their problems so that we can develop a range of innovative ideas.

The Innovation Wheel

How do you define and measure innovation? We’ve translated our years of experience working across multiple industries into a simple and relational innovation system.

The Product Sales Marketing Triangle

How do you leverage customer insights across product development, marketing, and sales efforts? We work to deliver actionable steps that can be taken across multiple disciplines within your organization, bringing everyone closer to the the customer.



Our approach involves multiple disciplines of research that are tweaked to solve the particular problem that our customers are facing. While many of the methods that we utilize sound familiar, our usage of different tools allows us to translate research learnings into customer-specific actions based on their needs.


We believe that design should be used to uncover potential opportunities to elevate the level of communication or interaction between companies and their customers. As a result, we utilize our design skillsets to think through experience, value, and use.


We take a story approach to analysis, wherein we take all of our research learnings and design inputs and translate that into a story. The stories that we tell are often about the current customer and the problems that they face, but we also tell stories about the future of what could be.

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