Company Background

We are researchers, designers, biomedical engineers, and new product development experts with over 40 years experience helping some of the largest companies in the world realize growth. Our passion for problem-solving and ability to actualize innovation fuel our work. Start Something Bold was formed to improve the everyday lives of the people by helping companies create deep and meaningful relationships with their customers. Our work helps clients build confidence in taking Bold first steps and supports business leaders looking to Start Something Bold.

As a small team, we have a collaborative, autonomous, and entrepreneurial culture that’s constantly pushing the bounds of ‘what if.’ We define success as it’s viewed through the lens of our clients, and actively engage as champions for change in all that we do.

Position Summary

We’re looking for a Design Strategist who is an inquisitive researcher and a creative problem solver to serve our medical device and healthcare clients. This person will meet end users and other stakeholders in-environment to observe their world in context, ask critical questions about what is seen, and uncover challenges and unmet needs. An ideal Strategist will be able to translate insights into opportunities for organizational change or product development to help clients succeed. This person will also be responsible for curating existing client teams in their internal innovation efforts.

Outside of client projects, the Design Strategist will work alongside the founders of Start Something Bold to help develop new product offerings and play an instrumental role in defining the future growth of the organization.

CLIENT WORK (90% of time)

Projects // Work with clients on projects to deliver growth strategies.

  • • Plan research methods to uncover current state of business through the eyes of the customer
  • • Conduct primary and secondary research (e.g. observation, interview, literature search etc.)
  • • Synthesize research findings by communicating identified unmet needs and opportunities
  • • Ideate creative solutions and strategies by translating the current state into the future
  • • Test potential solutions with stakeholders to drive design and business decisions
  • • Collaborate with team members to deliver highest standards of work.
  • • Engage clients with presentations and experiences.

Growth Engine // Work with clients to establish a custom experience and process to facilitate internal innovation and new product development.

  • • Curate growth process within client’s environment to capture, track and work with the leadership team on targeted growth initiatives.
  • • Listen to, and encourages employees to bring up ideas while documenting problems and potential solutions.
  • • Steer leadership team to make decisions on where to target growth and helping them select ideas with which to move forward.
  • • Guide teams to build presentations that communicate the value and steps required to bring new ideas to market.

Start Something Bold is always looking to expand their client base, and as such everyone is responsible for helping to grow the business.

  • • Define the scope of work through proposals with new or existing clients.
  • • Communicate Start Something Bold’s value and unique differentiation in the market.
  • • Contribute to the refinement of Start Something Bold’s products and future development of new solutions.

Timing & Fit

At this moment in time, we’re the victims of our own success, as Start Something Bold has hit a capacity limit – but we’re smart enough to know we need to hire the “Right” person, not the “Right Now” person.

While we would love to grow our employees from the ground up, we need someone who is ready to be active on projects, experienced working with clients, and thrives on delivering at the highest level. What we do is not easy, simple, or by the book – so a certain level of on-the-job learning is to be expected, but our ideal hire won’t require much hand-holding.

Key Background Requirements

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years experience bringing new products or services to market and be able to demonstrate prior work in the following:

  • • Product development, sales and marketing with launching new solutions.
  • • Presenting to all levels of the organization including CEO’s, Presidents, and C-suite executives.
  • • Building relationships and trust with clients.
  • • Comfort conducting contextual customer research in-environment – including clinical areas such as hospitals, clinics, operating rooms.
  • • Prior work in Medical Devices markets.
  • • IEC62366 Experience – Usability Engineering File
  • • HE75 Audits

The successful candidate should have the following key personal traits:

  • • Demonstrates strong character that builds trust in our brand in the community and with clients.
  • • Acts decisively to tackle difficult problems, perseveres in the face of challenges, and takes the lead on unpopular decisions and difficult scenarios.
  • • Communicates with confidence and steadiness in the face of uncertainty, and adapts quickly to new situations.
  • • Reflects on, and learns from experiences, understands personal strengths and weaknesses and how to coordinate with others.
  • • Self-motivated and hardworking, able to function largely on their own with minimal day-to-day direction.
  • • Creative and can quickly develop ideas that solve problems for customers.
  • • Communicates well both verbally and visually – able to tell stories that connect with customers.
  • • Dot-connector that can simplify complex problems – always has their eyes and ears open.
  • • Asks good questions, personable, and is able to communicate/connect with a wide variety of people.

We believe that great strategists can come from various backgrounds and educational paths. We are seeking candidates with training in Industrial Design, Interaction Design, or Biomedical Engineering, if you have experience, an inquisitive mind, and can creatively solve problems, we’d like to hear from you


Travel is required domestically and internationally to support projects. Frequency and duration varies based upon project requirements. Must have a passport, driver’s license, and be efficient working in airport lounges.

Start Date

Our current workload will require the successful candidate to begin immediately.


We’d like to hear from you. To be considered, please write a future press release from the year 2020 describing the last few years working with us. Be creative and make us want to talk with you. You can reach us at Please include a copy of your resume and any prior work you would like to share. (links are just fine)

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